Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR).

For us, JEDI International, Ltd., environmental and social responsibility is the ethical framework - the principles - that our company is founded on.

The principles of environmental and social responsibility direct our vision, mission, goals and our activities. Right down to our decisions on products, materials and production processes. It is a set of "baked in" norms and values. Most of our producing clients, buying clients and product customers appreciate our principled approach.

We do not strive for financial profit - which ultimately encourages extremes in materialism, consumption, manipulation, exploitation, and environmental destruction.

We replace profit with financial sustainability, coupled with material sufficiency. This does not preclude us from motivating and remunerating our team and other stakeholders in ways to encourage harmonic teamwork and provide a satisfying livelihood.

We protect and take proactive measures to safeguard the environment as much as we possibly can. For details please see our > Environmental Policy.

We adhere to the principles of fair trade. We practice fair trade in our interactions with employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. We do not seek, nor do we exhibit third party accreditations or certifications. For details please see our > Fair Trade Policy.

You won't find ESR in the abbreviations hand book for Environmental and Social Responsibility. Apparently it does not exist yet.