We value your privacy and data security when you make use of our services and products.

Privacy relates to our policies about the data that you provide us when you study and make use of our services and products. The term "privacy" implies limited collection and sharing of such data, and that's what we aim to ensure.

Security relates to our policies to keep our data, including data about you, safe from outside intrusion and /or extraction. In other words avoiding theft. The term "security" implies protection from such theft, and that's what we aim to ensure.

Your Privacy

We never share inquiry or customer data with anyone, other than the details required to complete financial transactions and what is required by law.


The public section of our website does not place cookies. We do not place so-called trackers. We do not participate in harvesting your data. Not for ourselves and not for data collectors like social media or search giants, or other social /political /commercial interests. We do not use Social Media links, Google Analytics, Google Fonts, AddToAny, or any similar tools that follow visitors around.

The internal section of our website is used by administrators and clients. It requires logging in. For these users our system places cookies, records personally identifiable IP numbers, ISP names and locations. The system records and uses this data to verify the authenticity of authorized users who log in to our site, and remembers them when they return, if the user so wishes. This data remains internal.

Browser Details

Your browser emits "browser headers" such as the type /brand of browser, the type of device operating system, the language it is set for. There is also a virtually non-avoidable trail containing your browsing IP number, and from which IP number your browser reached our site. This usually contains regional information and may contain link and search information. This data is principally not personally identifiable. We look at this data from time to time to get a statistical idea or our website's effectiveness.


Email is like sending a postcard. The use of free email offered by large, profitable providers has your email content processed, analyzed, and its data shared at will by those providers.

We regard emails that arrive at our own private server as private. We use secure SSL/TLS authentication to access our email. Still, email is not a safe way to send sensitive information.

Name and Address Details

Name, address and phone details are needed to calculate shipping cost, prepare the payment process and to arrange shipping. You send us these details by our contact page and/or by email. To make a purchase, you need to share some of these details with the payment processor, that is your bank or Paypal other payment processor. So, when you purchase something from us their privacy policies apply as well.

We do not bother our clients, customers, partner artisans, or suppliers with mailing list emails, newsletters, or automated promotion emails.


Photos on this website are made by ourselves, or are supplied and used with permission by clients, customers, partner artisans or suppliers. Some may be purchased from professional photographers, or are in the public domain. (Mostly they are our own.)

Copyrights of all photos remain with the original photographer. For all images on our website we may add a copyright statement in our own name; in case it is not our own image this is intended to additionally represent the original copyright holder.

Recognizable persons depicted on photos must have given consent be viewed in public, or specifically on our website, unless this is inherently implied when a person is actively engaged in a public activity or appearance, or the person's professional work involves public activity.

Photo credits for images by external photographers are provided with the photo or at the bottom of the page where the photo appears.


An exception to the non-disclosure of statistical and personal information is for abuse of our website, email, and for abuse or fraudulent use of financial transactions, which are reported to the authorities, or if we are required to do so by law. We have not disclosed such information on these grounds since our establishment.


Our office, and many of our artisan clients, use PC's running on Linux/Ubuntu, regularly updated for security patches. The system is generally accepted as being safer than MS Windows in regards to viruses, malware, an external intrusions. We avoid access or read email on mobile devices which are inherently less safe.

JEDI, and the clients that we support in internet website presence use a modern, continuously updated website system, open-source Drupal. Among many others it is used, for example, by > this website.

Secure Connection

Our website does not collect or store sensitive user data. Still, our entire website uses SSL/TLS security with the "https" prefix as shown by your browser's Pad Lock icon. Your browsing is encrypted, the sending of your contact message is encrypted, our email access is encrypted.

Paypal and Credit Card Payment

Payments are not processed through our website. We send you an invoice which can be paid directly at the Paypal website, or by bank transfer. Your payment details are not stored on our website. With payment by Paypal, these details are recorded and stored with Paypal. Paypal says they also offer payment by credit card without being a Paypal member. So, Paypal's privacy policy and terms apply. If you do not wish to use Paypal, that is also fine. Contact us, we can process your payment with bank transfer or another method.


Our web site does not contain many links to other websites. When you follow any of those few links, the privacy and security policies of those websites apply.