What We Do

JEDI International, Ltd. works in market and business development for socially and environmentally responsible small enterprise. We are a business development adviser, a licensed exporter and a manufacturer. Established in 2003, we are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our name stands for Joint Economic Development Initiative.

Our Goals

JEDI is dedicated to expanding markets and improving business performance of socially and environmentally responsible small enterprises. Our work aims to support the improvement of living standards in the rural countryside where we are active.

As a private limited company we operate within market economy conventions, while replacing the profit motive with the goal of long-term financial sustainability. We put the environment first and adhere to the principles of fair trade.

Our Services

We work in five activity clusters. They are all related to socially and environmentally responsible (SER) products and services, for international and domestic markets:

  1. Product and services development, production, promotion, sales and shipping.
  2. Customer service, product promotion and quality assurance as a service to local businesses.
  3. Managerial and technical advice for improvement of sales, services, processes and products.
  4. Managerial and technical advice for growth of socially and environmentally responsible practices.
  5. Buyer support for searching, purchasing and innovating local products and services.

Our Clients are both the buyers/sellers of SER products and the businesses/artisans producing SER products.

We excel in working with our Clients to create customized and innovative products, combining local materials, traditional skills, innovative design, and socially and environmentally responsible master craft production.

Who We Are

We are a small company with a flat structure. We're not so much into titles, while it is useful to know who does what:

  • Supaporn Pochuay - "Khiaw" - CEO, Customer Service, Management. Joined JEDI 2004.
  • Sunisa Phetsana - "Kai" - CHRO, Supplier Relations, Accounting, Artisan. Joined JEDI 2005.
  • Jan Willem Roeloffs - "Yan" - CT³O, Technology, Training, Troubleshooting. JEDI Founder.
  • Current Artisans, Officers - in Advisory Functions.
  • Former Artisans, Officers - in Advisory Functions.
  • Artisan, Administrative and Logistics Employees.
  • Independent Partner Artisans.

Owners and functions are also listed in official public documentation.

Get in Touch

Artisans and businesses interested in expanding their markets or taking greater social and environmental control are welcome to work together with us. If you like to know more, do contact us.