Jobs in Chiang Mai

Updated 16 December 2021

The work locations are in the Chiang Mai area of Doi Saket and San Kamphaeng, near Bo Sang, while ICT work can also be done off-site/from home.

We welcome applicants to contact us for work opportunities that are not listed here.

Jobs in Chiang Mai - Open Positions


  • Artisans and Artisan Trainees (full-time)
  • Production Workshop Supervisor (full-time)

Information & Communications Technology

Much of the ICT work can also be performed from home, anywhere.

  • Drupal Specialist (part-time or contractual)
  • Linux /Ubuntu Specialist (part-time or contractual)
  • PHP Specialist, C /C+ Specialist (contractual)
  • ICT Trainee (part-time - basic English helpful)
  • English to Thai Translation Trainee or Specialist (part-time - fair English required) - FILLED


  • Arduino Specialist or Enthusiast to support teenage kids in experimenting with microcontroller devices.
  • Conversion Specialist Gasoline to Electric Vehicle. The conversion gasoline to electric (BEV) is for a 1992 Mazda Familia Pickup 1300cc, and a 1998 (Gen 1) Honda CRV 2000cc.

Some of the work can be done off-site /at home. Full time Trainees receive full salary while training on the job.

Contact JEDI's Ms Supaporn, details below. Mention this page.