Updated 1 September 2022

The work locations are in the Chiang Mai area of Doi Saket and San Kamphaeng, near Bo Sang, while ICT work can also be done off-site/from home.

We welcome applicants to contact us for work opportunities that are not listed here.

Jobs in Chiang Mai - Open Positions


  • Artisans and Artisan Trainees (full-time)
  • Production Workshop Supervisor (full-time)

Information & Communications Technology

Much of the ICT work can also be performed from home, anywhere.

  • Linux /Ubuntu Specialist (part-time or contractual)
  • PHP Specialist, C /C+ Specialist (contractual)
  • Drupal Specialist (part-time or contractual)
  • ICT Trainee (part-time - basic English helpful)
  • English to Thai Translation Trainee or Specialist (part-time - fair English required) - FILLED


  • Arduino Specialist or Enthusiast to support teenage kids in experimenting with microcontroller devices.
  • Conversion Specialist Gasoline to Electric Vehicle. The conversion gasoline to electric (BEV) is for a 1992 Mazda Familia Pickup 1300cc, and a 1998 (Gen 1) Honda CRV 2000cc.

Some of the work can be done off-site /at home. Full time Trainees receive full salary while training on the job.

Contact JEDI's Ms Supaporn, details below. Mention this page.