Brelli Transfers to Manufacturer JEDI

His and Her's Grey Brellis in New York

With joint announcement by Brelli New York and JEDI Thailand, the Brelli transfers from its founder Pamela Zonsius to its manufacturer JEDI International, Ltd. on 1 September 2019.

Brelli's Pam and JEDI's Supaporn and Jan have a long-standing relationship ever since Pam requested us to help further develop the Brelli at our R&D workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, back in 2008.

We thank Pam for her trust in us and our master craftspeople to carry the Brelli forward.

The transfer to JEDI does not affect any of the Brelli's characteristics and quality. Brelli production continues uninterrupted with its original manufacturing craftspeople. The Brellix biodegradable UV film continues to be manufactured in the US, supplied by Pam.

The transfer does affect logistics. Customers order the Brelli directly from Thailand manufacturing. Brelli prices may be lower, while shipping costs apply. Overall retail and wholesale prices are expected to remain stable or slightly lower.

During the transition period from June to September, please check the Brelli website for available, discounted stock in New York, here the earlier size definitions apply. Items shown for retail in New York may also be available wholesale. Otherwise all wholesale sales are directly from manufacturing by contacting JEDI or its production daughter, Sunisa Umbrella Workshop.

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop is the full-time production workshop that emerged from JEDI's original R&D workshop. It is managed by JEDI and produces specialized high-quality bamboo umbrellas, bamboo folding fans and other bamboo items for the local and international market, including the Brelli, and other brands.

We accept wholesale and retail customers worldwide. We generally refer retail enquiries to retailers close to the customer who may have the requested Brelli in stock.

As of July 2019, most Brelli models will be in stock at the manufacturing workshop for customer purchases of 1-3 pieces. Wholesale quantities are manufactured immediately upon order with 7-14 days production time. Shipping time varies with options from 5 to 84 days.

JEDI has extensive experience making imports easy for everyone, regardless of your location. We calculate and arrange our best suggestions for shipping options to you, and make sure you receive the correct items by your specific deadline.

We do not operate a shopping cart. For your retail or wholesale purchase, we prefer your email or contact message. You can contact us here, or email, or visit Sunisa Umbrella Workshop's website

We look forward to meeting you!