US Import Duties

This knowledge base document describes how to estimate customs import duties for products shipping from Thailand to the Unites States.

Calculating US Import Duties

Importing to the United States from Thailand:

  1. Exemption: > Customs & Border Protection > Trade > Basic Import Export > Internet Purchases > International Postal Mail: ".... Packages whose declared value is under $800 ($100 if being sent as a gift to someone other than the purchaser) will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork prepared by CBP ... " This is specifically for International Postal Mail, only. Note that the amount is mentioned as "declared value" and thus does not include shipping or insurance cost.
  2. Not Exempt: > WCO HS Nomenclature > Find the product's HS code > Our previous page example showed:
    • umbrellas in Section XII, Chapter 66, HS Code 6601.10
    • bamboo hand fans in Section IX, Chapter 44, HS Code 4421.
    > Customs & Border Protection > Trade > Determining Duty Rates > Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS): All products are listed in Sections 1-22 according to the WCO HS. The "General Notes" preceding Section 1 explain country/duty columns. Column 1 is Normal countries, column 2 is Penalty countries. The Normal countries are split between those who did not sign a US trade agreement ( > General) and those who signed NAFTA or TPP¹ ( > Special) . Thailand has not signed the TPP: the rate in Column 1, General applies.

US Import Duties Summary:

  1. Duty free if shipped postal mail, declared product value under $800. Sales tax does not apply.
  2. All other shipping methods, or value above $800:
    • Umbrellas duty rate is 6.5%.
    • Bamboo hand fans as other HS 4421.91.97 is 3.3%, as theatrical HS 4421.91.93 is 0% .
    • Sales tax does not apply.
  3. Your friendly customs officer has the final say.


1 - Re TPP: 87% of lost US factory jobs were replaced by robots (automatization) versus 13% going to international (foreign) trade, according to US Ball State University's Center for Business and Economic Research, 2015. At least 18,000 American products would have been covered under TPP and would have been exported to Asian markets with lowered or zero tariffs there. TPP's global negative impact would have been less on tariffs, but mainly on civil, social and environmental issues: Sierra Club:

Disclaimer: Import and customs duties and their implementation guidelines change often. The above figures may or may not be correct. For exact information consult your shipping provider in your country or your customs /tariff office.