EU Import Duties

This knowledge base document describes how to estimate customs import duties for products shipping from Thailand to the European Union.

Calculating EU Import Duties

Importing to the European Union from Thailand:

  1. Exemption: > Taxation and Customs > Individuals > Buying Online > Buying Products: "Customs Duty is not due for goods, provided directly to the buyer when their value does not exceed 150 euros." Value is defined as product, plus insurance, plus shipping, added together. VAT is applicable according to individual country.
  2. Not Exempt: > Taxation and Customs > Business > Calculation of Import Duties: > WCO HS Nomenclature > Find the product's HS code  > TARIC > Enter the code without dots, and the country of origin, Thailand. Our previous page example showed:
    • umbrellas in Section XII, Chapter 66, HS Code 660110
    • bamboo hand fans in Section IX, Chapter 44, HS Code 442191

EU Import Duties Summary:

  1. Duty free if value up to 150 euros. VAT according to country. Watch out: value is defined as product + insurance + shipping.
  2. Above 150 euros:
    • Umbrellas duty rate is 4.7%. VAT according to EU country.
    • Bamboo hand fans duty rate is 0%. VAT according to EU country.
  • Your friendly customs officer as the final say.

Disclaimer: Import and customs duties and their implementation guidelines change often. The above figures may or may not be correct. For exact information consult your shipping provider in your country or your customs /tariff office.