Australia Import Duties

This knowledge base document describes how to estimate customs import duties for products shipping from Thailand to Australia.

Calculating Australia Import Duties & BioSecurity

Importing to Australia from Thailand:

We must consider both import duties and biosecurity measures. The source and details of biosecurity measures change relentlessly.

  1. Exemption: > Department of Immigration and Border Protection > bottom > Individuals and Travellers > Importing or Buying from Overseas > Buying over the Internet. The first thing "you need to know": "For goods that are worth equal to or under AUD1,000, there are no duties, taxes or charges to pay." :)
    • Biosecurity is handled by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Check: > BICON. Enter the product, including material: "bamboo umbrellas". Bicon result for personal use: > BICON bamboo products for personal use. Inspection decides to perform treatment or not. International postal mail is exempt from Biodiversity inspection /assessment charges (4.1 Exemptions > services > b), but not from actual treatment cost if an inspection deems it necessary (4.5 Aircraft, travellers and mail). An aircraft, traveller or mail treatment is typically AUD 75. Details Charging Guidelines.
  2. Not Exempt: > WCO HS Nomenclature > Find the product's HS code > Our previous page example showed:
    • umbrellas in Section XII, Chapter 66, HS Code 6601.10
    • bamboo hand fans in Section IX, Chapter 44, HS Code 4421.
    > Department of Immigration and Border Protection > bottom > Agents and Trade Professionals. > Tariff Classification of Goods > Working Tariff: We check for our product HS code in three lists: > Schedule 3 - Normal Duty Rate > Schedule 6 - Thai Goods > Schedule 8 - ASEAN-AANZ
    • Check the > BICON database, including material: bamboo umbrellas. > BICON. Enter "bamboo umbrellas". Bicon result for non-personal use bamboo products: > BICON bamboo products for non-personal use. We inform the customer our treatment options, or alternatively, customer can arrange treatment on location in Australia.

Australia Import Duties Summary:

  1. Duty free, tax free for product value up to AUD 1,000. If treatment is needed, it is typically AUD 75.
  2. Above AUD1,000:
    • Umbrellas duty rate is 5% (Schedule 3, not in 6 or 8). GST 10%.
    • Bamboo hand fans duty rate is 5% (Schedule 3, not in 6 or 8). GST 10%.
    • Biodiversity measures apply
  • Your friendly customs officer has the final say.

Disclaimer: Import and customs duties and their implementation guidelines change often. The above figures may or may not be correct. For exact information consult your shipping provider in your country or your customs /tariff office.